Sunday, August 8, 2010


  On April 8th 2008 , i was declared with someone named MUHD ZHAFRAN B.SUWELI. He is 22 years old and he was born on 31st December 1988 . He is from Johor Bahru and currently he staying in Kelana Jaya , Petaling Jaya . 

  How do we know each other ? Well there is this one day , I was online updating my myspace . 
Suddenly my laptop jammed and all I know was I accidently added him into my friendlist . I was so surprised that he approved me . Then , he started send comments on my pictures and we started chatting online .
  After awhile chatting online , he asked me out and I agreed . So as like any other love story , we fell in love with each other after few months we've been friends . We were so much in love and since that our place is not so far , we always see each other . Its almost everyday .   

 We have been together as couple for Two years and four months . Unfortunately , its only for that long because we broke up recently on July 25th 2010 . I made the call . Since I got offered to further up my studies , i got so busy with everything . We argued about everything almost everyday. We argued so much until sometimes we can't even remember what fighting for . He couldn't understand what I have gone through and since that there no more understanding and compromise in our relationship . So I couldn't afford to hold it any longer . i decided to let him go .

  Eventhough I was the one who made the call , I still love him and I miss him so bad . I have waited for him for three days to call and apologize. One day , I found out that he already had a new girlfriend on facebook .Her name is Puteri Nadia. I couldn't even bare to change my status from "in relationship" to "single" . He even deleted me from his friendlist . Gosh ! it's too soon for him to replace me .

  Therefore , it is obvious that i have to forget about him and all those sweet moments we gone through together . 

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