Monday, August 16, 2010


  Do you believe in zombies? I do. Zombies are typically a human being who is being controlled by something else. Stories of zombies originated in the west African spiritual belief system of voodoo. Which told of the people being controlled as labourers by a powerful wizard. It slipped through my mind, that how is it going to be if there were zombies around us. How life would be if we are surrounded by zombies? Well, through out this 21st centuries, there are many kinds of diseases. Diseases that are spread by zombies too are not possible to get. Anything could happen. As I imagine how it would be, our life will be completely in chaos.
    The earth before the zombies took over, we went on our life as usual. Here is the picture, you would spend your weekends night perhaps with your loved ones. Probably went to the movies, or visiting your relatives. During the day, your father were watering the plants and your mother were planting in your garden while you were playing with your pet or your siblings. It is definitely a perfect picture but imagine if there were zombies. There were fire everywhere. Burned houses,buildings and hospitals.  You are going to spend your weekends in the car, traveling from one place to another. Hunting for zombies because if we didn’t kill it, it will kill us. We can’t rest until we are sure that there were no more zombies.
     Apart from that, if we live in the world with zombies, there are no more normal life. There will be no normal college life. No busy Mondays where people were rushing to schools and work. No traffics but the road and highways are full with burned and crashed cars with blood stains all over the cars everywhere in the road .  Whereas , usually the library were full of books, computers and filled with students studying. But if the zombies around, the library were filled with tornned books, corpses and blood.
    Zombies will not only invade us physically, but also mentally. As we discussed, people who survived would be more cautious in everything. Trustworthy is no longer exist in people relationships. People will tend to kill each other as well in order to have less competition in basic needs. Furthermore, money will be no longer necessary because money wouldn't be important you could just scavenge, make, or trade for what you need because any previously values will change from gold(todays paper and coin system is based on) to food,water, personal protection, and building supplies.
    In nutshell, our world would be utterly different if there were zombies around. Zombies will change our life thoroughly. Therefore, we always to be prepared and cautious in everything.

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