Thursday, September 2, 2010


        Radit and Jani
is an indie film from Indonesia. This film was released in 2008. It was directed by Upi Avianto. This film was starring by actor Vino Bastian and actress Fahrani.

   This film is about young reckless couple, Radit and Jani. They got married without Jani's parent's permission. Therefore, Radit and Jani been chased out from the house. They do not have any promising jobs and no reliable source of money. They become petty thieves to get by, and they go through it happily, knowing they have each other. Despite all of that they have led a hard life. Moreover, Radit dependence on drugs have made their life harder.However, the strength of their love life does not make all the bitterness felt.

   One day , Jani found out that she was pregnant. Radit and Jani realized that they have to change and be more serious towards life. Radit was trying hard to earn a steady income and struggling to quit on drugs so they have a happy life in the future with their children . The story ends up , when Radit fails to give Jani a happy life by on his own. One day, Radit decided to leave Jani to her family to take care of her. She gets marry with a new guy.


From my perspective, this is a sweet and romantic love film. Yet , it is not really suitable for those who are underage due to certain scenes in this movie. This film gets more sad towards the end when Radit had been beaten up by few bad guys at the streets along his way rushing to get to sick Jani. It had made me burst into tears. Overall, I think that this is a great film. Wish that you will enjoy it!

Radit and Jani Trailer

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